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Summary of Birth, class 11, CBSE English, Snapshots, written by AJ Cronin. Concise and crisp explanation of the riveting and miraculous story of a doctor bringing back a child from the dead

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Welcome to English Chatterbox! Today we are going to go over the summary of Birth. Birth is a very intense story. It makes you feel the sorrow of losing a life and the joy of resuscitating a living soul.

Andrew Mason is a doctor who has just started his medical practice in Blaenelly, which is a small mining town. The story begins when Dr. Andrew returns after meeting his beloved Christine and meets Joe Morgan who is about to become a father for the first time in twenty years of their marriage. He was waiting for the doctor as his wife needed medical attention.

Andrew readily agrees to accompany him. When they reach Joe Morgan's house, Joe tells him to go inside as he trusted him, but he didn’t want to go inside as he was too anxious.

Inside the house he meets Mrs. Morgan who is seventy years old. She is Joe Andrew's mother-in-law and Susan’s mother. She watches Dr. Andrew all the time to gauge as to what are his reactions regarding the delivery. She is a wise woman who wants the doctor to stay in the house till the delivery is done. She offers tea to the doctor so as to stall him from leaving

Dr. Andrew knew that there is still time in the delivery but not enough for him to go back and catch on his sleep, so he decides to stay there. His thinks about his beloved Christine but is worried that marriage might not work out as he was seeing other marriages fail around him.

At half past three, the nurse calls him and starts the actual delivery. The complications, the tough decisions and the outcome that ensue, are as follows.

The actual delivery takes about an hour, but when the child is born, it is lifeless.





Confusion in doctor’s mind whether to resuscitate the child or the mother

Susan Morgan was pulseless. He gave her an injection. Her situation stabilized.


Midwife had kept the child wrapped in newspapers, under the bed, considering him to be dead.

He grabbed the child and pulled him out


Suffering from asphyxia, pallida. A condition whereby suffocation is caused due to lack of oxygen

To follow the same method of treatment which he had seen in the Samaritan


Followed by crushing and releasing his chest with a towel. He felt defeated as the child hadn’t revived. Even the midwife wanted him to stop.


The child gave a conclusive hear followed by another. He doubled his effort. A bubble of mucus which was blocking his nose came out & he started to breath & even cry.


Andrew handed over the baby to the nurse & lift after comforting Joe that both are alright. He felt a sense of achievement as he felt that he had done something truly remarkable.

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