A Letter to God by G.L. Fuentes - Class 10

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Explore Lencho's journey of faith and resilience after a devastating storm destroys his crops, in a tale of hope and divine intervention

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The story begins with the introduction of Lencho who lives on the top a low hill. He had a field which could be viewed from the top of the hill. He was waiting for the rain so that he could have a good harvest. He had even told his wife that it was going to rain soon.

When they were having dinner, it started to rain. Lencho was happy as it meant a huge profit as he even states that the big drops were ten cents pieces and the little ones were fine.

But very soon the scenario changed and there was a hailstorm. It destroyed the whole field. He was very upset when he saw the damage that it had caused. He even told his sons if the field had been attacked by locust, the damage would have been less. He was very upset as he knew that they will have to face tough times as there would be no crop, so no money.

Now, Lencho directed his hope towards God. He was reminded that he should not be so upset as no one died of hunger. This gave him the hope that God might save him. He knew how to write so he wrote a letter to god in which asked for hundred pesos to saw his field again and decided to mail it.

This letter was addressed to God.

This letter was found by a post office employee who found it quite hilarious that a letter addressed to god had come in their post. He showed it to the postmaster. Initially, he laughed at the simplicity of the man but then couldn’t help praising the man for his faith in God. He felt so moved that in order to help the man keep his faith alive, he decided to arrange the required hundred pesos himself. He took aid from his employees, his friends and even gave a part of his salary. He tried his best but couldn’t arrange the complete amount but could get a little more than half.

The following Sunday when Lencho came to collect his letter, the postman himself gave him the letter & felt content and satisfied.

Lencho was not at all moved to find the letter because he had so much faith in God that there was no reason for him to doubt otherwise, so he took the letter and counted the money but was angry when he realised that there were only seventy pesos when he had asked for hundred.

He immediately concluded that the post office employees were crooks as God could have never given him less then what he had asked. He wrote a second letter to God to tell him that the money he had received was less than what he had wanted. He told god to not send the money through mail as the post office employees were cheaters.

This ends our chapter as the good deed which the postmaster had done didn’t earn him the satisfaction of being called a good person but rather labeled him to be a crook.

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