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We integrate English conversation lessons, AI, and over 300 English curriculum books into one course, so you can be more than just a high-scorer.

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Providing you with everything you'd ever need to ace your exams and unit tests.

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    Summaries, themes, poetic devices & plots

    Every chapter and poem includes summaries, themes, plot, poetic devices, character sketches & vocabulary flashcards.

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    Line-by-line Explanations

    Dive deep into the text with animated line-by-line explanations.

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    Answers to back & extra questions

    Get answers to questions at the end of the chapter, and extra Q&A's created by us.

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    Test yourself with quizzes

    Attempt a quiz when you're ready, and Chatterbot AI will tell you why you got a question wrong.

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Every course also comes with


From phrases to tenses, we've got you covered with videos, quizzes, and cute flashcards.


Learn the tips and tricks of cracking unseen passages and poems.


We teach you how to write, so you can decide what to write.

"The sheer amount of study materials, from themes to plots, to quizzes and videos, is astounding. And, yes, I learnt that word with English Chatterbox's integrated conversation lessons, which is how I became so fluent in English."
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When you tell your relatives that you got the highest marks in English, you should sound like you actually did.
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