Class 9 • Literature

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The Lost Child - Mulk Raj Anand

1 hr 47 mins
11 lessons

In "The Lost Child" by Mulk Raj Anand, a young boy becomes separated from his parents at a fair and experiences a moment of longing and independence.

The Adventures of Toto - Ruskin Bond

2 hrs 44 mins
13 lessons

The Adventures of Toto, Class 9, Moments, In "The Adventures of Toto" chapter, a mischievous monkey causes chaos for his owner and the neighbourhood. Read about Toto's antics and their consequences.

Iswaran the Storyteller - R.K. Laxman

3 hrs 27 mins
12 lessons

Iswaran the Storyteller, Class 9, Class 9, "Discover the engaging tale of 'Iswaran the Storyteller' by R.K. Narayan, exploring companionship, imagination, and the power of storytelling."

In the Kingdom of Fools - A.K. Ramanujan

3 hrs 49 mins
12 lessons

In the Kingdom of Fools, Class 9,Moments, Discover "In the Kingdom of Fools," a captivating Kannada folktale from A.K. Ramanujan's Folk Tales from India, exploring wisdom, justice, and folly.

The Happy Prince - Oscar Wilde

4 hrs 11 mins
12 lessons

The Happy Prince, Class 9, Moments, Discover Oscar Wilde's timeless wit & social commentary in this chapter analysis as we explore themes, characters & the author's enduring legacy.

The Last Leaf - O. Henry

3 hrs 11 mins
12 lessons

The last leaf, Class 9, Moments, Discover O. Henry's "The Last Leaf," a touching tale of friendship, hope, and sacrifice, as two artists face illness, with a classic twist ending.

A House is Not a Home - Zan Gaudioso

3 hrs 10 mins
11 lessons

A House is Not a Home, Class 9, Moments, Discover a heartfelt story of resilience as a teen overcomes a house fire, finds new friends, and reunites with a beloved pet. Inspiring & uplifting.

The Beggar - Anton Chekov

2 hrs 53 mins
11 lessons

The Beggar, Class 9, Moments, Explore Chekhov's heartwarming tale of redemption, as Sergei's act of kindness transforms Lushkoff's life, revealing the power of empathy & work.

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