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Class 8 • Literature

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One Summer Night (Section B) Unit 1 - Ambrose Bierce

2 hrs 5 mins
11 lessons

Experience a chilling tale of grave-robbing students in a stormy cemetery and the unexpected awakening of Henry Armstrong. A classic suspense story.

A Retrieved Reformation (Section C) Unit 1 - O. Henry

1 hr 29 mins
9 lessons

In this chapter of "A Retrieved Reformation" by O. Henry, Jimmy Valentine's past catches up with him as he faces a familiar foe and a life-altering choice.

Portrait of a Prince (Section A) Unit 2 - Denis Martindale

1 hr 31 mins
10 lessons

Discover Denis Martindale's vivid poem, "Portrait of a Prince," showcasing the beauty, power, and grace of tigers, while highlighting their role as apex predators.

Back from the Brink (Section B) Unit 2 - Rita Banerji and maya Khosla

2 hrs 8 mins
11 lessons

Explore the journey of wildlife filmmakers in Northeast India, documenting tribal hunting practices and efforts to save endangered species!

My Earthquake Experience in Tokyo (section C) Unit 2 - Andrew Pateras

1 hr 59 mins
10 lessons

Explore Tokyo earthquake account: personal insights, safety measures, and aftermath. A firsthand perspective on seismic events. #TokyoEarthquake

The Ballad of Rumm (Section A) Unit 3 - Peter Wolveridge

2 hrs 1 mins
11 lessons

Discover "The Ballad of Rumm," a heartwarming poem by Peter Wolveridge about a dog named Rumm who becomes an unlikely hero, showcasing humor & family love.

Boating with friends (Section B) Unit 3 - Jerome K Jerome

2 hrs 4 mins
11 lessons

"Enjoy a humorous escapade with Jerome, George, and Harry in their boating adventure on the Thames. Unexpected plunges, lost shirts, and hearty laughs await!"

A Special Request (Section C) Unit 3 -

1 hr 7 mins
8 lessons

Join us for a grand family reunion celebrating Jacob & Shiela's golden jubilee, filled with laughter, music, and a surprising twist with a guest.

Feeling (Section A) Unit 4 - C. J. Heck

1 hr 47 mins
11 lessons

Discover C.J. Heck's heartfelt poem about understanding & overcoming bullying. A must-read for children seeking solace from unkindness & life's challenges.

The Strategist (Section B) Unit 4 - Hugh Munro

1 hr 43 mins
9 lessons

Discover Saki's enjoyable story of young people playing strategic games at an exclusive party, showcasing wit, rivalry, and unexpected twists.

Just for fun (Section C) Unit 4 -

2 hrs 39 mins
10 lessons

"Explore the power of words and remorse in this classroom drama. Students learn the impacts of spreading rumours and the value of apologies."

Wishing (Section A) Unit 5 - Ella Wheeler Wilcox

56 mins
8 lessons

Explore "Wishing," by Ella Wheeler Wilcox inspires self-improvement, wisdom, and spreading kindness to create a better, happier, and wiser world. Class 7, English Castle

Small Steps for Big Changes (Section B) Unit 5 -

1 hr 20 mins
8 lessons

"Discover the inspiring journey of Saaket, Salil and Ananya, who championed volunteering through DMT App and teaching in Ladakh's remote villages."

‘Jeh’, the Jewel of India (Section C) Unit 5 -

1 hr 25 mins
8 lessons

"Explore JRD Tata's life, his aviation passion that led to Air India, his dedication to nation-building, and his inspiring personality."

Be the Best of Whatever You are (Section A) Unit 6 - Douglas Malloch

1 hr 44 mins
11 lessons

Discover "Be the Best of Whatever You Are," an uplifting poem by Douglas Malloch that inspires determination, self-improvement, and personal growth.

The power of determination (Section B) Unit 6 - Burt Dubin

2 hrs 40 mins
11 lessons

Discover the extraordinary story of Glenn Cunningham, a boy who overcame a devastating fire and physical disability to become a world-record-breaking runner.

The eyes have it (Section C) Unit 6 - Ruskin Bond

1 hr 34 mins
9 lessons

The Eyes Have It, by Ruskin Bond Is a story with a simple beginning but a wonderful twist. A must-read for one and all.

Take Time (Section A) Unit 7 - Anonymous

1 hr 31 mins
9 lessons

"Embrace nature's wonders with this inspiring poem. It prompts us to appreciate life's simple beauty, from sunsets to mountains, and cherish time."

Atacama Desert Runner (Section B) Unit 7 - Rudraneil Sengupta

3 hrs 20 mins
11 lessons

"Read about Sumanth Cidambi's extraordinary journey in the Atacama Desert marathon and his triumph as the first Indian to complete the race."

The Merchant of Venice (Section C) Unit 7 - William Shakespeare

2 hrs 9 mins
11 lessons

Discover Shakespeare's gripping courtroom drama in "The Merchant of Venice." Explore themes of friendship, love, law, and mercy through this timeless classic.

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