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No music before the Mosque - Zebunissa Hamidulah

1 hr 52 mins
9 lessons

"Experience a riveting account of conflict and faith in a traditional village. Witness a family struggle over a flute's music in prayer time."

The Totara Tree - A tale from New Zealand

3 hrs 4 mins
10 lessons

"Experience Maori culture in this New Zealand tale. Discover the conflict between Maoris and Pakehas over Taranga's sacred Totara tree."

Chrysalis Diary - Paul Fleischman

1 hr 9 mins
9 lessons

"Explore 'Chrysalis Diary', a heartfelt poem from 'Joyful Noise' by Paul Fleischman, chronicling a caterpillar's transformation into a butterfly."

Insert Knob A in Hole B - Isaac Asimov

2 hrs 25 mins
11 lessons

Experience Asimov's wit in 'Insert Knob A in Hole B', a funny sci-fi tale of equipment assembly mishaps in space and a clever assembly-robot.

I Read a Tight-Fisted Poem Once - Nancy Woods

2 hrs 18 mins
11 lessons

"Explore deeper perception with Nancy Woods' poem 'I Read a Tight-Fisted Poem Once', embracing the essence of understanding oneself & the world."

Short Poems on Spring Blossoms -

3 hrs 35 mins
14 lessons

"Experience the serene beauty of spring in 'Spring Hillside' by Japanese poet, Ki No Tsurayuki. Float in a tranquil world of falling blossoms."

Civil Lies - Benjamin Zephaniah

2 hrs 7 mins
11 lessons

Explore "Civil Lies", a powerful poem by Benjamin Zephaniah. This poignant verse challenges historical narratives and showcases African heritage.

The River That Went to the Sky - Kasiya Makaka Phiri

1 hr 45 mins
6 lessons

"Explore an African tale of a grand River yearning to touch the sky, forever changing the continent's landscape. A parable about desire & consequences."

Poems - Po Chu-I & Krasicki

2 hrs 15 mins
9 lessons

"Explore the themes of freedom & oppression in 'The Red Cockatoo', 'The Lamb and the Wolves', & 'Birds in a Cage'. Deep poetry by Po Chu-I & Krasicki."

The Woman of the Sea - Fiction Story

1 hr 38 mins
7 lessons

Experience the enchanting tale of a crew finding a mermaid during a marine expedition in the Pacific. Discover the struggle between science and empathy.

The Ballad of Mulan -

53 mins
7 lessons

"Experience Mulan, a heroic girl warrior who bravely disguises as a man to serve in her father's place in historical China's warfare journey."

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