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The Eyes Have it - Ruskin Bond

2 hrs 13 mins
12 lessons

The Eyes Have It, by Ruskin Bond Is a story with a simple beginning but a wonderful twist. A must-read for one and all.

When you are old - William Butler Yeats

1 hr 11 mins
11 lessons

Father William, Starbust, Class 7, "Father William" by Lewis Carroll is a humorous and witty poem about an old man's vitality and wisdom. Enjoy playful wordplay and fantastical imagery.

The Black Spot - R.L. Stevenson

2 hrs 12 mins
12 lessons

In "The Black Spot" extract, the protagonist tells the story of meeting a mysterious captain who reveals a dark secret. Read the thrilling tale now! Class 8, New Images

The Nightingale and the Glow-Worm - William Cowper

1 hr 20 mins
12 lessons

Class 8, New Images MCB, Read William Cowper's poem "The Nightingale and the Glow-worm" where a nightingale finds a glow-worm and learns a lesson about appreciating each other's unique talents.

After Twenty Years - O.Henry

2 hrs 29 mins
12 lessons

After Twenty Years, Class 8, New Images MCB; discover the witty and ironic short story "After Twenty Years" by O. Henry. Follow the unexpected twists of two friends' reunions after two decades.

The Way through the woods - Rudyard Kipling

2 hrs 15 mins
12 lessons

The Way through the woods, Class 8, English, New Images MCB is a hauntingly beautiful poem "The Way Through the Woods" by Rudyard Kipling. Delve into the mysterious woods and lose yourself in the enchanting words of this literary masterpiece.

A Remarkable Rocket - Oscar Wilde

1 hr 31 mins
9 lessons

Class 8, New Images, Discover the fascinating tale of a conceited rocket's journey to space and back in "The Remarkable Rocket" by Oscar Wilde. A classic short story filled with witty humor and insightful commentary on human nature.

The Open Window - H. H. Munro (Saki)

2 hrs 51 mins
12 lessons

The Open Window, Class 8, New Images MCB, Discover Saki's "The Open Window," a witty short story with a surprising twist, exploring social norms and human nature in the Edwardian era.

A Nation's Strength - Ralph Waldo Emerson

1 hr 47 mins
11 lessons

Discover the timeless poem 'A Nation's Strength' by Ralph Waldo Emerson, Class 8, New Images MCB and be inspired by its powerful message of resilience, unity, and courage. Get summaries, themes, plots, poetic devices, notes, quizzes and much more on 'A Nation's Strength' & feel the strength of your own spirit rise!

Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen

59 mins
8 lessons

"Experience the intricate plots of Pride and Prejudice. Follow Jane's health drama and Elizabeth’s visit to Netherfield. Explore Austen's timeless romance now."

The Portrait of a Lady - Khuswant Singh

3 hrs 3 mins
12 lessons

The Portrait of a Lady, Class 8, Khushwant Singh, New Images MCB. A compelling tale of a grandson and his evolving relationship with his grandmother, which ends begins in the village and ends with her death.

From Story telling to Film making - Saraswati Srinivasan

1 hr 24 mins
8 lessons

Discover the evolution of storytelling from cave art to films and the impact of technology. Explore the journey from the stone age to the modern age of storytelling. Class 8, New Images

Three Witches and their Prophecies - William Shakespeare

2 hrs 4 mins
8 lessons

In scene III of Macbeth, the three witches prophesy Macbeth's future as king, causing him and Banquo to question their sanity. Meanwhile, news of Macbeth's success in battle reaches the king, who rewards him with the title of Thane of Cawdor. Class 8, New Images MCB

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