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Class 7 • Literature

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I heard a heavy step - Bram Stoker

3 hrs 0 mins
12 lessons

In this chapter from Bram Stoker's "Dracula," Jonathan Harker meets the enigmatic Count Dracula and experiences strange and unsettling encounters.

An armchair tour of some of India’s most haunted places -

1 hr 57 mins
10 lessons

Explore the most haunted places in India in this spooky article. Learn about the legends and lore surrounding these famous sites.

The Listeners - Walter De La Mare

1 hr 39 mins
12 lessons

"The Listeners" by Walter De La Mare is a haunting poem about a traveller knocking on a door in the moonlight, only to find phantom listeners. Explore its mystery and imagery.

Last night..... - Daphne du Maurier

2 hrs 3 mins
12 lessons

Explore this mysterious dream excerpt from the classic novel Rebecca, where the narrator envisions a haunting vision of an old house, Manderley, and ponders its meaning.

I have a dream - Martin Luther King Jr.

3 hrs 13 mins
10 lessons

Explore MLK Jr.'s iconic "I Have a Dream" speech, highlighting the struggle for racial equality, justice, and a call for unity in the Civil Rights Movement.

Cradle Song - Sarojini Naidu

1 hr 15 mins
12 lessons

Explore "Cradle Song" by Sarojini Naidu – a heartwarming, tender poem capturing the love between a mother & child, showcasing delicate imagery & cultural richness.

Fire in the Night - Jacqueline Wilson

3 hrs 1 mins
12 lessons

In this chapter of Jacqueline Wilson's The Bed and Breakfast Star, Elsa discovers a fire in the hotel and raises the alarm, saving lives.

In the shadow of Mount Etna - The Independent

1 hr 45 mins
10 lessons

Living near an active volcano: Experience of people living in the shadow of Mount Etna. Destruction, resilience, and familiarity with the 'good giant.'

An Olive Fire - Robert William Service

1 hr 31 mins
12 lessons

"An Olive Fire" by Robert William Service is a beautiful poem that captures the magic of an olive fire with vivid imagery and poetic language. Discover its beauty today.

He was a providence - Rudyard Kipling

2 hrs 7 mins
12 lessons

In this chapter from The Jungle Book, young mongoose Rikki-tikki-tavi meets a venomous cobra and a dangerous snakeling. Will he come out unscathed?

The African wild dog - David Taylor

1 hr 47 mins
9 lessons

Learn about the African wild dog, its physical description, lifestyle, and hunting habits in this fact file. Discover fascinating facts about this unique species.

To a skylark - P. B. Shelley

1 hr 39 mins
11 lessons

Experience Shelley's ode to the skylark, an enchanting poem capturing the bird's uplifting beauty, boundless joy & transcendent flight. #poetry

The Scream cut Through the air - Len Deighton

1 hr 37 mins
11 lessons

"Read Len Deighton's gripping portrayal of the chaos and devastation of war in this chapter. No amount of planning can prepare for its destruction."

Going Solo - Roald Dahl

1 hr 47 mins
11 lessons

"Join a young man's thrilling journey as a pilot during World War II, flying solo in Kenya and witnessing breathtaking views of wildlife and landscapes."

The Send Off - Wilfred Owen

1 hr 40 mins
12 lessons

Explore the irony & futility of war in this WWI poem, as young soldiers are sent off with false cheer, facing an uncertain fate. Delve into their journey.

The dear departed - Stanley Houghton

3 hrs 2 mins
12 lessons

Discover "The Dear Departed," a satirical play that explores themes of greed, hypocrisy, family conflict, and valuing loved ones while they live.

Theatres through the ages -

2 hrs 8 mins
8 lessons

Discover the evolution of theatre stages through history. From ancient amphitheatres to modern lecture-style stages, learn how the stage has changed over time.

All the world's a stage - William Shakespeare

2 hrs 40 mins
13 lessons

"Discover the meaning and analysis of 'All the World's a Stage' by William Shakespeare. Explore the literary devices and themes in this iconic poem."

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