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Who did Patrick's Homework Who did Patrick's Homework

True or False 1. The cat was playing with a doll. 2. The elf did Patrick’s homework all by himself. 3. The elf didn’t know Mathematics and history. 4. Patrick worked very hard helping the elf. 5. The elf quietly went away on the last day of the school.
1. True 2. False 3. True 4. True 5. True
How can you get good grades in different subjects? How did Patrick get A’s?
Write four such sentences below. Underline the rhyming words in them. 1. He went for a walk in the garden, but he chanced to see his warden. 2. He went to the lake to make a wish and managed to catch a fish. 3. Radha went for a swim, but her swimsuit got stuck in a rim. 4. Soldiers were sent to take the rent.
A number of words have been used in the story to indicate different kinds of noises. In the following words cross out (x) the ones which are not related to making noises. Yelled grimaced shrieked shouted scowled squeaked puffed pursed
Fill in the blanks with a, an, or the. There is ____ elf in ____ story, who helped Patrick to become ____ changed boy. ____ elf looked like ____ doll but he was actually he was ____ tiny man. He was wearing ____ little woollen shirt. His tall hat looked like ____ witch’s hat. ____ breeches that he was wearing were old-fashioned. He was in trouble because of _____ cat, who was knocking him about. “I will grant you ____ wish if you save me from ____ cat,” he said to Patrick.
Fill in the blanks with the present continuous tense of the verbs given in the brackets. I _____________ with interest the scene in which the elf ___________ Patrick’s homework. The elf says he does not know History. So Patrick ____________ some pages to him. Now Patrick ____________ the whole answer to a question. The elf’s spellings are poor. So Patrick ___________ him the spellings also. See, now Patrick __________ the answer himself. A dictionary __________ on the table. Patrick __________ the dictionary constantly.

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