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The pleasures of reading Reading affords pleasure like no other activity. It is deeply fulfilling and satisfying. a)_____________, the reader is in direct communication with the writer however distant we may be in time or space. The reader is fully focused and enjoys the content as well as the beauty and power of the language. b)__________________ according to one's taste. Knowledge, imagination and the readers own appreciation on the written word are some of the rewards of reading. c)______________________ into unknown cultures through books. for example reading of Tolstoy or Chekhov gives us an insight into the life of the Russians as a reading of Dickens gives us of the British, particularly of London dwellers. Reading makes us more sensitive to human greatness as well as human sufferings. A reader of Premchand’s short stories d)__________________. The classics of literature are eternal in their appeal. Unfortunately, e)__________________ of Sharad Chandra’s Devdas three to four times but the original printed one is not even attempted once. 


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