Should Wizard Hit Mommy Should Wizard Hit Mommy

Why does father have to tell Jo stories in the evenings and for Saturday naps?
Father had been narrating stories to his daughter since she was two years old for her siesta on Saturday afternoon and at night. Even though now she was four years old she was quite habituated to listening to stories so it was a necessity for her.
Father has felt empty after two years of story telling to Jo. What idea do you form about his skill in the art of story telling?
Why was story telling "especially fatiguing" for Jack on Saturdays?
Jo was allowed to use the big master bed for Saturday naps, or when she was ill. What idea do you form about the relationship between the parents and small children in America from this context?
Do you think the father in the story is, more or less, an alter ego of the author, as far as the childhood is concerned?
What was Roger Skunk's problem? How did he get rid of it?
Why did the woodland creatures avoid Roger Skunk? How did their behaviour affect Roger?
How was Jo affected by Jack's story telling?
How would you describe the state of mind of the father when he finds himself tied to the daughter, while his pregnant wife is painting bric-a-brac downstairs?
How would you interpret the expression, ''This was a new phase, just this last month, a reality phase"?
How did Jack enact the part of the wizard?
Why does the author give details about the inside of the wizard's house? What makes him make a special mention of the absence of "any cleaning lady"?
What impression do you form about the little girl Jo when she protests against her father's mistake of using the name Roger Fish for Roger Skunk?
Why does the wizard instruct the Skunk to "Hurry up?"
How did the woodland creatures react to the Skunk's new smell? What did Skunk feel about the new change?
After the Skunk started smelling of roses Jo "thought the story was all over." Why did she think so'?
Why in your opinion is the smell of roses obnoxious for the Skunk mother '?
The Skunk accepts Mom's order like a tame lamb and follows her to the wizard without demur, but Jo chooses to differ from her father with regard to changing the rose smell. How would you account for this difference in attitude between the two'?
Why did Jo not approve of Skunk's mother scolding him for his new smell?
What is the underlying idea behind the wizard's taking the beating and tamely changing the rose smell '?
Why does mother Skunk hug and pat her son as he prepares to sleep '?
What inference do you draw from the' narrator's statement, "eventually they (woodland creatures) got used to the way he (the Skunk) was and did not mind it at all"?
Why does Jo call Skunk's mother a stupid Mommy? What did she want the mother to be punished for?
Why was Jack worried about his wife Clare?
'That was a long story". What does Clare want to convey through this assertion?
What is the moral issue that the story raises?
Bring out the difference and the wider implication of Roger skunk’s and his mother’s attitude towards the skunk’s smell?
Adults should not impose their perspective on kids. Do you agree? Give reasoned answer on the basis of the lesson.
Why does Jo want wizard to hit mommy? Justify your answer on the basis of the text.

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