Journey to the end of the World Journey to the end of the World

How did the author reach Antarctica? What hurdles did she have to cross?
The author undertook a long journey of hundred hours to reach her destination. She used various means of transport to reach there like a car, aeroplane and a ship. She crossed nine time zones, six checkpoints, three bodies of water and as many ecospheres.
According to you, what is the significance of the author’s giving details about the various hurdles crossed by the ‘Akademik Shockalskiy’ before reaching Antarctica?
What were the first emotions of Doshi on reaching Antarctica? Why?
How would you describe Gondwana?
In your opinion, what could be the reason for the disintegration of Gondwana?
In what respect, Tishani Doshi’s encounter with Antarctica is a chilling prospect?
What makes Tishani Doshi write that she felt as if she was walking into a giant ping-pong ball?
What is the impact of human civilisation on earth?
What are the indications for the future of mankind?
Why do you think Tishani Doshi considered her programme ‘Students on Ice’ a success?
In what way can the further depletion of ozone layer disrupt the entire food chain of the South seas?
In what respect is Tishani Doshi’s experience of Antarctica full of epiphanies?
At 65.55 degrees South, the ‘Shokalskiy’ could go no further. What prevented the ship to go any further? What did the captain instruct all the passengers to do?
Why is it necessary to remain fully equipped while walking on ice? Base your answer on the details of the kit given by the author?
Does your study of the article give you a feeling that man is his own great enemy?
It was nothing short of a revelation: everything does indeed connect.’ What revelation is Doshi talking about?
A lot can happen in a million years, but what a difference a day makes. In the light of this statement examine the role of the younger generation in protecting the environment.
By whom and with what purpose was the ‘student on Ice’ programme started? How far has it achieved its goal?
‘The pristine purity of Antarctica is under grave threat from humans’. How are human being threatening Antarctica.
Why is Antractica the place to go to, to understand the earth’s present, past and future?
Imagine you are the author. Write a letter to your friends sharing with him your experience of the trip to Antarctica?

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