The Rattrap The Rattrap

From where did the peddler get the idea of the world being a rattrap?
The peddler was struck with an idea of world being a rattrap when he was disillusioned with his existence and gazed at it. He metaphorically called the whole world a trap which had bait for all in various forms. It offered riches and joys, shelter and food, heat and clothing, exactly as the rattrap offered cheese and pork, and as soon as anyone let himself be tempted to touch the bait, it closed in on him, and then everything came to an end. People get stuck in the cycle and cannot escape from this trap.
Why was he amused by this idea?
Did the peddler expect the kind of hospitality that he received from the crofter?
Why was the crofter so talkative and friendly with the peddler?
Why did he show the thirty kronor to the peddler?
Did the peddler respect the confidence reposed in him by the crofter?
What made the peddler think that he had indeed fallen into a rattrap?
Why did the ironmaster speak kindly to the peddler and invite him home?
Why did the peddler decline the invitation?
What made the peddler accept Edla Willmansson's invitation?
What doubts did Edla have about the peddler?
When did the ironmaster realise his mistake?
What did the peddler say in his defence when it was clear that he was not the person the ironmaster had thought he was?
Why did Edla still entertain the peddler even after she knew the truth about him?
Why was Edla happy to see the gift left by the peddler?
Why did the peddler sign himself as Captain von Stahle?
How does the peddler interpret the acts of kindness and hospitality shown by the crofter, the ironmaster and his daughter?
What are the instances in the story that show that the character of the ironmaster is different from that of his daughter in many ways?
The story has many instances of unexpected reactions from the characters to others’ behaviour. Pick out instances of these surprises.
What made the peddler finally change his ways?
How does the metaphor of the rattrap serve to highlight the human predicament?
“The reader’s sympathy is with the peddler”. Do you agree? Why / Why not?

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