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Poets and Pancakes Poets and Pancakes

What does the writer mean by ‘the fiery misery’ of those subjected to make-up?
It was misery for the artist to be subjected to so much make-up as the room was glowing with bright light that the heat was almost unbearable. The artist was supposed to get his face completely covered with make-up paint.
What is the example of national integration that the author refers to?
Why did the author appear to be doing nothing at the studios?
Why was the office boy frustrated?
Why was the office boy show his anger on and how?
Who was Subbu’s principal? What relationship did Subbu have with him?
Why was the legal advisor referred to as the opposite by others?
What made the lawyer stand out from the others at Gemini Studios?
Did the people at Gemini Studios have any particular political affiliations?
Why was the moral rearmament Army welcomed at Gemini Studios?
How was Gemini Studios influenced by the plays staged by MRA?
Who was the boss of Gemini Studios? What do you learn about him from this account?
What caused the lack of communication between the Englishmen and the people at Gemini Studios?
Why is the Englishman’s visit referred to as an unexplained mystery?
Who was the English visitor to the studios?
What does ‘The god that failed’ refer to?
Why was Kothamangalam Subbu considered No. 2 in Gemini Studios?
How does the author describe the incongruity of an English poet addressing the audience at Gemini Studios?
What do you understand about the author’s literary inclinations from the account?
What is meant by ‘Pancakes’ in the chapter? What idea does the author give about the product?
How and why were the decent looking artists painted into ‘hideous crimson hued monster’?
In spite of being in his early forties, why was the ‘office boy’ still called a boy?
Why was the narrator praying for crowd-shooting all the time?
Why did the office boy have so much of bitterness against Subbu?
What advantage did Subbu have over the office boy?
How did the lawyer unwittingly bring an end to a brief career of a young actress?
How did the lawyer lose his job in Gemini Studio?
What misconceptions did the author and his khadi-clad friends have about communists?
In what connection did the writer visit British Council Library?
Stephen Spender’s visit to the Gemini Studios was viewed as an unexplained mystery by the Gemini family. How did Asokamitran solve this mystery years later?
Give a detailed account of the structure and functioning of the makeup department at Gemini Studio.
Subbu was the man ‘who gave direction and definition to Gemini Studio’. In light of the above statement determine Subbu’s character.
How did the lawyer bring an end to an acting career? How did he stand apart from the group?
‘The purpose of the English poet’s visit remained an unexplained mystery for the audience’. What was the purpose of the visit and why did it remain a mystery?
What was the moral Rearmament Army? Why did it visit Madras and what effect did it make?

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