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Ranga's Marriage Ranga's Marriage

Why does the narrator desist from according a ‘fancy title’ to the narrative?
The narrator did not want to lose the purpose of the narrative by giving it a pompous title. He wanted to use a simple name and nearer to reality. The incident mentioned in the story are of boy named Ranga who lived in Hosahalli so a simple title seemed more befitting.
Hosahalli finds no mention in books despite the narrator’s immense pride for the village. Why?
Why does the narrator call the Indians a flock of sheep?
What are the glowing references that the narrator gives to his village?
Why do you think the author refers to raw mangoes and creeper leaves?
Why does the narrator often deviate from the main story?
How has the use of English affected Hosahalli, according to the narrator?
Why was Ranga’s homecoming a great event?
What made the narrator perceive that Ranga had not changed much during his stay in Bangalore?
Why was Ranga not in a hurry to find a bride for himself?
What role did Shyama, the narrator, play in fixing the first meeting between Ranga and Ratna?
‘Ranga’s face showed the same disappointment when the singing stopped’. With what does Shyama compare Ranga’s disappointment?
Both Shyama and Shastri connived to change Ranga’s life. Explain briefly.
Shyama the narrator was a good reader of thoughts. Cite textual evidence to prove the truth of this statement.
Shyama nearly committed a ‘faux pas’ (a blunder). How did Shastri save the situation?
“Never mind”, Shastri indicated with a shake of his head. Why did the astrologer make this remark at Ranga’s ignorance of his star?
Why did the narrator tell Ranga that Ratna was a married girl even though he knew that she was not?
How did Shastri, the astrologer defend his profession?
Why does Shyama, the narrator give an example of the he-goat and the lion?
Why did Ranga name his child ‘Shyama’?
Comment on the influence of English – the language and the way of life - on Indian life as reflected in the story. What is the narrator's attitude to English?
‘Astrologers’ perceptions are based more on hearsay and conjecture than what they learn from the study of the stars. Comment with reference to the story.
What kind of a person do you think the narrator is?
Ranga's views on marriage are quite different, yet he follows the conventional way of choosing a girl for himself Comment.
The narrator succeeds in bringing out the simple life led by the people of Hosahalli. Comment in light of the story "Ranga's Marriage".

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