Albert Einstein at School Albert Einstein at School

Do you think Albert is being impolite while answering the history teacher's questions? Give your reasons.
No, I don't think Albert is being impolite to his history teacher. He never speaks to him without addressing him as 'Sir'. True, his answers are straight forward and his opinions are strong, and contrary, to those of Mr. Braun. His firm conviction that it is pointless to learn history dates should not be dismissed as impoliteness. However, the conversation does show a strained relationship.
What characteristic of Einstein's nature is highlighted by the exchanges between him and the teacher?
Why did Albert see no point in learning dates and facts?
Why did Albert feel miserable when he left school that day?
Why does the biographer refer to Albert's interest in music as a 'comfort' ?
Yuri calls Albert "the world's worst liar" - do you think this is an insult or a compliment to Albert? Why?
Why was Albert quite nervous when he met the doctor? What does this nervousness indicate about his nature?
How did Albert hope to get admission to an Italian college without a diploma from the German school?
What did Mr. Koch think of Albert?
What reasons did the head teacher offer for expelling Albert from school?
What puzzled Einstein in his meeting with Mr. Koch? How was that puzzle solved?
In what sense had the medical certificate burnt a hole in Einstein's pocket?
Einstein had a rebellious nature. Quote two instances from the lesson to support this view.
Were the teachers interested in understanding Albert and bringing out his potential?
Comment on the role of Yuri as described in the extract.
Keeping the whole passage in mind, briefly discuss Einstein's character as it is revealed here.
Express your views on the educational system in Einstein's Germany.

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