We're not Afraid to Die We're not Afraid to Die

Why did the author undertake the sea journey?
The author wanted to replicate the round the world voyage of Captain James Cook made 200 years ago. It was a dream for the author and his wife to sail in the wake of the famous explorer. Perhaps, the dangers and adventure involved in the voyage and their desire to accomplish something unique beckoned them to undertake the journey.
What preparations did the author and his wife make for their round the world sea voyage?
How did the first leg of their journey pass and when and where did they sense the first sign of the disaster?
What happened on the second day of the journey after the cape tour?
Describe the wave which came over the boat during the storm?
What happened to the author when the wave hit the boat?
How did the stormy wave destruct the boat? What did the narrator do to prevent it from sinking?
What problem did the hand pumps cause? How did the author resolve it?
Why did the Captain get no replies for his Mayday calls?
“.. .Sue was a brave girl". Give evidence in support of this statement.
Even after surviving for 15 hours after the disaster struck, the voyagers were doubtful whether they would be able to reach their destination. What was their only hope?
What was their respite and why was the respite short lived on Jan 4?
Which remark of Jonathan is the essence of the entire episode and how?
What did the narrator do on Jan 6 when the storm got over?
What was the impact of the children's behaviour on the narrator?
Was it sheer luck or the skills of the Captain, which saved the voyagers?
Why did the writer feel that Ile Amsterdam was the most beautiful island?
What did the narrator think of all after they landed on the island?
The disaster left the voyagers shattered both physically and mentally, comment.
“We are not afraid …………” is a story of courage and teamwork. Bring out the truth of this statement.
How did the children’s presence and behaviour during the crisis affect the narrator?
“You are the best daddy in the whole world – and the best captain”. In what way did the narrator deserve this compliment in ‘We’re Not Afraid to Die’?

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