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The Browning Version The Browning Version

Why did Taplow stay back at school?
Taplow stayed back as a cover up for a day he had missed in the school the previous week. His teacher Crocker Harris had called him to do some work and he did not have the courage to defy his teacher as he had deep-seated respect for him.
What is Taplow’s opinion about the Greek tragedy ‘Agamemnon’?
What does Taplow want to do if he gets his remove and why?
Which situation of Taplow does the science teacher call ‘bad luck’?
According to Frank what benefit or comfort would Taplow derive from his ‘bad luck’?
Despite being a good boy and doing extra work Taplow would not get any comfort as mentioned by Mr. Frank, the science teacher. Why?
Which rule of the school does Mr. Crocker Harris follow sincerely but other masters including Frank flout flagrantly?
Why does Taplow say that he got carried away? What is Frank’s response?
What does Mr. Frank suggest Taplow to do because Mr. Crocker Harris is ten minutes late? What is Taplow’s response?
Why does Mr. Frank envy Mr. Crocker Harris?
Who is a sadist? Why is Taplow afraid of Mr. Crocker Harris though the latter is not a sadist?
Which example does Taplow give to prove that Mr. Crocker Harris does not like being likes?
In which one respect Crocker Harris is very different from all other masters Taplow has known?
Why does Frank Frank say “Oh Lord!” and is relieved at seeing Millie Crocker Harris?
What is funny about Taplow’s attitude towards Crocker Harris?
Comment on the attitude shown by Taplow towards Mr. Crocker Harris.
Does Frank seem to encourage Taplow’s comments on Crocker Harris?
What do you gather about Crocker Harris from the play?
What impression do you form of Frank from the play “The Browning Version”?
What impression do you form of Taplow?

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