Footprints Without Feet

Class 10 • Literature

Other Books

A Triumph of Surgery - James Herriot

3 hrs 17 mins
13 lessons

Mrs Pumphrey was distraught when Tricki refused to eat and was listless. Mr Herriot hospitalised Tricki for a fortnight, and with a strict diet and exercise, Tricki was transformed into a lithe, hard-muscled animal. A triumph of surgery!

The Thief's Story - Ruskin Bond

2 hrs 37 mins
11 lessons

A thrilling story of a young thief who finds himself in a moral dilemma when he is presented with the opportunity to rob a trusting man. Follow Hari Singh's journey as he learns the consequences of his actions.

The Midnight Visitor - Robert Arthur

2 hrs 8 mins
11 lessons

A mysterious midnight visitor, a secret report, and a daring escape - join Ausable, Fowler, and Max in this thrilling story of espionage and danger set in the twenty-fifth century.

A Question of Trust - Victor Canning

2 hrs 29 mins
10 lessons

Follow the adventurous tale of Horace Danby, a seemingly respectable man entangled in annual thefts for his love of rare books. A twist-filled story of trust and deceit.

Footprints Without Feet - H.G. Wells

2 hrs 34 mins
11 lessons

Follow the mysterious footprints of a scientist who discovers how to make himself invisible and explore the thrilling adventures he embarks on in this classic story of science and mystery.

The Making of a Scientist - Robert W. Peterson

3 hrs 49 mins
13 lessons

Richard Ebright was a straight-A student who became a champion debater and public speaker. His scientific curiosity led him to a theory about cell life, which he tested at Harvard Medical School. Learn how he became a scientist!

The Necklace - Guy De Maupassant

3 hrs 3 mins
11 lessons

A classic tale of a woman's struggle with poverty and misfortune after losing a diamond necklace. Follow Mme Loisel as she and her husband battle to pay off the debt of a replacement necklace and discover the true cost of luxury.

Bholi - K.A. Abbas

3 hrs 41 mins
11 lessons

Meet Bholi, the fourth daughter of Numberdar Ramlal. She was disfigured by smallpox, stammered, and neglected at home. But with the help of her teacher, she overcame her fears and learnt to read and write. Now she is a successful woman with a bright future ahead.

The Book That Saved the Earth - Claire Boiko

2 hrs 53 mins
11 lessons

In the 25th century, a single book saved the Earth from a Martian invasion. Learn how Mother Goose's nursery rhymes stopped the invasion and established a model library in Marsopolis in this exciting story of the 20th century!

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