Tea from Assam Tea from Assam

"Chai-garam ... garam-chai," a vendor called out in a high-pitched voice. He came up to their window and asked, "Chai, sa'ab?" "Give us two cups," Pranjol said. They sipped the steaming hot liquid. Almost everyone in their compartment was drinking tea too. "Do you know that over eighty crore cups of tea are drunk every day throughout the world?" Rajvir said. "Whew!" exclaimed Pranjol. "Tea really is very popular." a. Why did Pranjol think that tea is very popular? b. Where were they at this time? c. What did they do there after?
a. Pranjol thought tea is very popular as Rajvir told him that over eighty crore cups of tea are drunk everyday throughout the world. b. Pranjol and Rajvir were in a train and they were going to Assam where Pranjol’s father is the manager of a tea garden. c. Thereafter Pranjol got busy in his detective book and Rajvir continued to enjoy the scenery.
We have an Indian legend too. Bodhidharma, an ancient Buddhist ascetic, cut off his eyelids because he felt sleepy during meditations. Ten tea plants grew out of the eyelids. The leaves of these plants when put in hot water and drunk banished sleep. "Tea was first drunk in China," Rajvir added, "as far back as 2700 BC! In fact words such as tea, 'chai' and 'chini' are from Chinese. Tea came to Europe only in the sixteenth century and was drunk more as medicine than as beverage." a. What is the legend of Bodhidharma? b. What other legend are there? c. What is the difference between a medicine and a beverage?
Pranjol's father slowed down to allow a tractor, pulling a trailer-load of tea leaves, to pass. "This is the second-flush or sprouting period, isn't it, Mr Barua?" Rajvir asked. "It lasts from May to July and yields the best tea." "You seem to have done your homework before coming", Pranjol's father said in surprise. "Yes, Mr Barua", Rajvir admitted. "But I hope to learn much more while I'm here." a. Why did Mr. Barua feel surprised? b. How did Rajvir want to spend his stay there? c. Where were they going?
Where were Rajvir and Pranjol going and why?
“This is a tea country now” Explain with reference to Assam.
Why did Pranjol’s father say that Rajvir had done his homework before visiting Assam?

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