Why is environmental management a complex and huge task for society?

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Environmental management is a complex and huge task for society due to several factors:

  1. Insufficient Knowledge: Not enough is known about biophysical processes to reliably predict and control them.
  2. Complex Human-Environment Relations: Human interactions with the environment have become increasingly complex, especially with industrialization.
  3. Industrialization Impact: Spread of industrialization has expanded resource extraction, affecting ecosystems in unprecedented ways.
  4. Technological and Organizational Challenges: Modern industrial technologies and organizational modes require advanced management systems that are often fragile and error-prone.
  5. Risk Societies: We live in risk societies using technologies and products without fully understanding their impact, e.g., nuclear disasters, industrial accidents, and diseases.
  6. Social Inequality: Environmental problems are also social problems; social status and power determine the extent to which people can insulate themselves from environmental crises or overcome them.

Key Phrase in Answer

  • Complex human-environment relations
  • Risk societies
  • Social inequality

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