Which one of the following Iron and Steel plant is located in Odisha?

A) Durgapur

B) Bokaro

C) Rourkela

D) Jamshedpur

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The correct answer is: C

Rourkela, located in Odisha, is home to a significant iron and steel plant. The Rourkela Steel Plant is one of the premier steel manufacturing facilities in India and plays a crucial role in the industrial landscape of the region. On the other hand:

  • Durgapur is another major steel plant but it is situated in West Bengal.
  • Bokaro hosts a large steel plant as well, which is found in Jharkhand.
  • Jamshedpur is famed for its steel production facilities, primarily managed by Tata Steel, and is also situated in Jharkhand.

Thus, the iron and steel plant in Odisha is indeed located in Rourkela, making Option C the correct choice.

Final Answer: C

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