Which of the following is not included in the assets of a commercial bank in India?

Option 1) Advances
Option 2) Deposits
Option 3) Investments
Option 4) Money at call and short notice
मांगबुला में धन की संख्या, पर पूर्वानुमान के साथ।

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The correct option is B) Deposits (जमा).


When discussing deposits with banks, it's essential to understand that they represent different financial statuses for the depositor and the bank:

  • For the depositor:

    • Deposits are considered an asset. This means that the depositor has a claim on the bank for the amount deposited, which can be withdrawn on demand or upon the maturity of the deposit.
  • For the bank:

    • Deposits are classified as a liability. This is because the bank is obligated to return the deposit amount to the depositor either upon demand or at the maturity of the deposit.

Therefore, while advances, investments, and money at call and short notice are components of a bank's assets, deposits do not fall under the assets category for a bank.

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