Which is the most preferred metal in laboratory for the preparation of hydrogen by metal-acid reaction:

  • Magnesium
  • Sodium
  • Zinc
  • Calcium

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The correct option is C: Zinc

Zinc (Zn) is the most preferred metal in the laboratory for hydrogen preparation through metal-acid reactions for several reasons:

  1. High Reactivity of Sodium and Potassium: Metals like potassium (K) and sodium (Na) are highly reactive. Their interaction with acids is too violent and unsafe for typical laboratory settings.

  2. Cost-Effectiveness: While magnesium (Mg) and calcium (Ca) can also react with acids to produce hydrogen, they are generally more expensive compared to zinc.

Considering these factors, zinc is economical and safe, making it the most preferred metal in laboratory conditions for preparing hydrogen via metal-acid reactions.

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