What determines the nature of the path followed by the particle:

  • Speed
  • Velocity
  • Acceleration
  • None of these

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To determine the nature of the path followed by a particle, we need to understand the underlying factors influencing its motion. Let's break down the explanation:

Key Concepts

  1. Nature of the Path: This refers to how the particle travels, including changes in its direction and speed.
  2. Velocity: A vector quantity that includes both speed and direction of the particle’s motion.
  3. Acceleration: The rate of change of velocity with respect to time. It influences the direction and speed of a particle's motion.


  • When a particle is moving with a certain velocity, any change in this velocity (in magnitude or direction) necessitates an acceleration.
  • Acceleration is caused by a force acting on the particle. When you change the direction or speed of the particle by applying a force, you are essentially changing its acceleration.
  • If a particle is moving to the right with a velocity of (1 , \text{m/s}) and you want it to move downward with the same velocity, you need to apply a force to change its direction.


  • Since acceleration dictates changes in velocity and incorporates changes in both speed and direction, it ultimately determines the nature of the path followed by the particle.

Therefore, acceleration is the correct answer.

Final Answer: C - Acceleration

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