The type of behaviour where an animal acts out of experience is called conditioning. Option 1: conditioning Option 2: instinct Option 3: imprinting Option 4: imitation

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The correct option is Option 1: conditioning.

There are four main types of animal behavior:

  1. Conditioning:

    • Conditioning is a learned behavior.
    • It is a response to a stimulus that is shown based on experience.
  2. Instinct:

    • Instinctual behaviors do not need to be learned.
    • They are present from birth.
  3. Imitation:

    • Imitation is a type of animal behavior where one animal copies the behavior of another animal.
  4. Imprinting:

    • Imprinting is a type of behavior where young ones, soon after birth, develop an emotional attachment to the first object they see.

Therefore, the behavior described in the question, where an animal acts based on experience, is indeed conditioning.

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