The graph gives the magnitude B(t) of a uniform magnetic field that exists throughout a conducting loop, perpendicular to the plane of the loop. Rank the five regions of the graph according to the magnitude of the emf induced in the loop, greatest first:

  • Option 1: b > (d = e) < (a = c)
  • Option 2: b > (d = e) > (a = c)
  • Option 3: b < d < e < c < a
  • Option 4: b > (a = c) > (d = e)

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The correct option is Option 2: b > (d = e) > (a = c).

Induced emf is dependent on the rate of change of the magnetic field. The steeper the slope of the graph, the faster the magnetic field changes, and the higher the induced emf will be. Therefore, the magnitude of emf is the greatest in region b, followed by regions d and e. The induced emf is zero in regions a and c.

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