Should the Government restrict the use of electricity for each household depending upon the requirement?


  • Yes, this will help government tide over the problem of inadequate generation of electricity.
  • No, every citizen has the right to consume electricity as per their requirement as they pay for using electricity.
  • No, the Government does not have the machinery to put such a restriction on the use of electricity.

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The correct option is C: Only I and II are strong.


Argument I is strong because dealing with a shortage of electricity can be primarily addressed by saving energy. Restricting electricity usage can help the government manage the limited generation capacity more effectively.

Argument II is also strong as it upholds the principle that every citizen has the right to consume electricity based on their needs, especially since they pay for each unit they use.

Argument III seems to be weak because the government possesses the capability to manage and enforce restrictions on electricity usage if deemed necessary, contrary to the implication that it lacks such machinery.

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