One side of a parallelogram is 8 cm. If the corresponding altitude is 6 cm, then its area is given by:

Option A) 24 cm^2 Option B) 36 cm^2 Option C) 40 cm^2 Option D) 48 cm^2

The correct answer is 48 cm^2.

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To determine the area of a parallelogram, you can use the formula:

$$ \text{Area} = \text{Base} \times \text{Height} $$

In this problem, we are given:

  • One side (base) of the parallelogram: 8 cm
  • Corresponding altitude (height): 6 cm

Using the given values, we calculate the area:

$$ \text{Area} = 8 , \text{cm} \times 6 , \text{cm} = 48 , \text{cm}^2 $$

Thus, the area of the parallelogram is 48 cm². Therefore, the correct option is:

Option D) 48 cm²

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