Match Column I with Column II :

Column I

Column II

(a) Smooth muscle

(i) Myoglobin

(b) Tropomyosin

(ii) Thin filament

(c) Red muscle

(iii) Sutures

(d) Skull

(iv) Involuntary

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Column IColumn II
(a) Smooth muscle(iv) Involuntary
(b) Tropomyosin(ii) Thin filament
(c) Red muscle(i) Myoglobin
(d) Skull(iii) Sutures


  • Smooth muscle is involuntary.

  • Tropomyosin is part of the thin filament in muscle fibers.

  • Red muscle contains myoglobin, which makes it red.

  • The skull bones are joined by sutures.

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