Match Column I with Column II and select the correct answer using the codes given below the columns.

Column I (Diseases)

Column II (Cause)

A. Smallpox

C. Malaria

P. Bacteria

R. Deficiency of minerals

B. Cholera

D. Anemia

Q. Virus

S. Female mosquito

A. A-S; B-Q; C-R; D-P

B. A-Q; B-P; C-S; D-R

C. A-S; B-R; C-Q; D-P

D. A-R; B-S; C-P; D-Q

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The correct answer is B.

  • A-Q: Smallpox is caused by a virus.

  • B-P: Cholera is caused by bacteria.

  • C-S: Malaria is transmitted by the female mosquito and caused by Plasmodium.

  • D-R: Anemia is caused by a deficiency of minerals (specifically iron), resulting in low levels of hemoglobin.

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