Who will make a mixture with the highest boiling point constant?


A $\mathrm{C_6H_6} + \mathrm{C_6H_5CH_3}$ Solution
B $\mathrm{HNO_3} + \mathrm{H_2O}$ Solution
C $\mathrm{C_2H_5OH} + \mathrm{H_2O}$ Solution
D $\mathrm{n}$-Hexane and $\mathrm{n}$-Heptane

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The correct answer is:

$$\mathrm{HNO}_3 + \mathrm{H}_2\mathrm{O} \text{ solution}$$

Explanation: The mixture of $\mathrm{HNO}_3$ (Nitric Acid) and $\mathrm{H}_2\mathrm{O}$ (Water) is known to form a solute-solvent interaction that results in a high boiling solution. This implies that among the given options, this mixture exhibits the highest boiling point due to the strong interaction between the molecules of $\mathrm{HNO}_3$ and $\mathrm{H}_2\mathrm{O}$, which requires more energy (in the form of heat) to break the intermolecular forces and hence, will have a higher boiling point.

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