How to determine mole fraction of solvent when moles of solute and solvent are given?

A. $\frac{\text{Moles of solute}}{\text{Moles of solvent}}$

B. $\frac{\text{Moles of solute}}{\text{Moles of solution}}$

C. $\frac{\text{Moles of solute}}{\text{Moles of solute + Moles of solvent}}$

D. $\frac{\text{Moles of solvent}}{\text{Moles of solute + Moles of solvent}}$

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The correct option is D.

To determine the mole fraction of a solvent, you use the formula:

$$ \text{Mole fraction (} X \text{)} = \frac{\text{Moles of solute}}{\text{Total moles in the solution}} $$

Since the total moles in the solution are the sum of the moles of solute and the moles of solvent, the mole fraction of the solvent is given by:

$$ \mathrm{X}_{\text {solvent}} = \frac{\text{Moles of solvent}}{\text{Moles of solute} + \text{Moles of solvent}} $$

Here, the mole fraction of the solvent is the ratio of the number of moles of the solvent to the total number of moles in the solution (which includes both solute and solvent).

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