Find the correct choice from the given 4 options in place of the question mark (?)

Bank : Rupees : : Transport : ?

A Goods B Road C Traffic D Speed

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When solving this analogy question, we can break down the relationship presented and then apply it to find the missing element. Here is how we can approach it:

  • The terms given are "Bank" and "Rupees."
  • Banks handle transactions involving Rupees, which implies handling or moving of money.

With this relation in mind, let's look at the next set of terms:

  • "Transport" and the choices provided (Goods, Road, Traffic, Speed).

Using the same relationship observed before (handling or moving something), we can ask:

  • What does transport mainly handle or move?

From the choices:

  • Goods are transported or moved via various modes of transport.
  • Other choices like Road, Traffic, and Speed are more about conditions or measures related to transport but not what is essentially moved by it.

Therefore, based on the analogy: $$ \text{Bank : Rupees :: Transport : Goods} $$ as banks deal with the transaction of rupees, similarly, transport is primarily concerned with the transaction (moving) of goods.

So, the correct choice here is A) Goods.

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